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Duckhead Compact Umbrellas

Duckhead Compact Umbrellas

These umbrellas from Duckhead, (yes, that's what I said), might have been where the saying sunshine on a rainy day came from. Inspiration notwithstanding, these compact, eco-friendly umbrellas will most definitely bring a little colour to your greyest of days.

Oh, Original Duckhead recycles 9 plastic bottles for every umbrella made!


  • 100% recycled fabric
  • sustainably sourced birch handle made from one solid piece of wood
  • wind resistant - designed to give, not break and pop back into shape
  • automatic open button- for easy one-hand deployment with the touch of a button
  • high-strength steel frame
  • compact & lightweight - fits easily into a tote bag and a bag pack
  • 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • all designs are made to the highest environmental standards
Duckhead Compact Umbrellas