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An incredible dive into the historical, political, socio-economic, and environmental forces that govern human lives, all told through the lens of food. Headed up by Stephen Satterfield, host of the docuseries High on the Hog.


Volume 10 gets into the various nooks and crannies of food history and regional cuisines. From the forests that provide the wood for Argentine asados, to the humble and drought-tolerant millets that can replace maize in Zimbabwe, to Harriet Tubman’s home in Auburn, New York, these are the stories that are right in front of us, yet ripe for exploration. We also look at the ideal spot for oyster farming, the cuisine of Turkey’s Black Sea region, a personal relationship with the cuy of Peru and a not-so-sweet history of sugar beet farming.



Explores Indigenous cultures and the effects of shifting borders and colonizers. These ideas spread from the Sami hunters and fishers of Finnmark to the Indisch people and cuisine in Indonesia and the Netherlands. We also look at curry powder’s journey around the world and ancient olive orchards in Turkey.


Explores the bittersweet history of Mexican chocolate, how chopsticks have impacted civilization, the process of making a Palestinian dessert called knafeh and more.


We are treated to a gorgeous photo essay on Japanese buckwheat, two indigenous preservation stories from land (in Hidalgo, Mexico) and sea (Sitka, Alaska), as seen on the front and back covers by Emiliano Ruprah and Bethany Goodrich respectively. We are introduced to carob, an unheralded Mediterranean bean pod akin to vanilla or tamarind. On the subject of pods, we are treated to an illustrated story on Chocolate tea in Jamaica. We are summoned to (re)consider the oyster in Taiwan, and in Mumbai, we are introduced to bombil or “Bombay Duck” by another name. 


Home Cooking in Kyrgyzstan, food from the Salvadoran Diaspora, a signature dish on a Panamanian island, food and belonging in Denmark, in Mexico, a fight for biodiverse avocados, poetry from Krystal Mack, Faroe Island tourism and Victoria Torres embraces the challenges along with the terroir in Spain’s Canary Islands.


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